Project Planning

Clients seldom have fully realized projects waiting for architectural design. Often it takes research into the specific needs of the client, users, and governmental agencies. We provide feasibility studies to determine all the factors impacting a project’s viability. Issues that are addressed include user requirements, site development, community involvement, and historic context. We provide the research and planning essential to achieving a successful building project.

Architectural Services

Our full scope of architectural services include schematic design, design development, construction documentation, cost estimating, and bidding and contract negotiation.

Engineering Coordination

Often our projects require complex engineering coordination to execute. We are experienced with assembling engineering teams to complete any building design. Hospitals, high rise, laboratory, and industrial buildings are especially challenging for engineering coordination. We offer comprehensive coordination and team building services.

Interior Design

We believe that interior design is an essential part of architectural services offered. The lived experience of the building inhabitant is of primary importance to us. We listen to our clients needs and provide a vision to make them a reality. We design light and space to enhance the occupant’s experience of the building. Color and careful material selection contribute to the enhancement of the space.

Environmental Design

Emergent technologies in Environmental Design are becoming increasingly important to the design of places. Environmental Design includes product design, signage, art, media and technology, and emergent technologies such as 3D modeling, 3D printing, video, website development, and print media.

Construction Services

We provide services during construction to ensure a well-crafted building. This takes a close collaboration with owner, engineers, and contractors to make the construction phase work smoothly. We provide shop drawing review, construction observation, and on-going administration services throughout the construction process.